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Each whirligig (old fashioned wooden, wind driven action mechanical figure) is completely hand made by Bob in New Jersey.

Characters available are listed below. Click on a photo to see an enlarged sample.

Baseball Player
Yankees & Mets in stock, any team available
Hockey Player
Devils & Rangers in stock, any team available
Football Player
Giants & Jets in stock, any team available
Uncle Sam Firefighter Police Officer
NJ State Trooper US Marine US Sailor Postal Carrier Snowman Mechanic
Golfer Butcher Chef Plumber Easter Bunny Santa Claus
Painter Soldier      
Painter Soldier Large Cat      
We are always expanding our selection, so check back often. Custom designs are available. 

Each whirligig is approximately 18" tall and built to last,  even under the harshest weather conditions.

Click here for a history of whirligigs.                                            Click here for care instructions.

Whirligig price is $30 each, or 2 for $50.

For more information, or to place an order, e-mail to bobswhirligigs@att.net with name and contact telephone number or e-mail address.

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